We all have that song that takes us back to another time in our lives or causes an emotional response. It could be your prom dance song or a break-up song. Music is a deep part of human culture and can benefit our mental state. It makes us feel and can make us feel good. For example, the research found that listening to music causes our brain to produce more dopamine – one of our “happy” chemicals. Here a few of the interesting health benefits of listening to music.

1 – Pain reduction:

Listening to music can help reduce physical pain. A study in Denmark, in 2014, found music to ease the pain of some patients with fibromyalgia – a muscle and joint pain disorder. It is unclear how this works, but it is theorised that listening to music triggers the release of opioids – the body’s pain relief chemical. So if you’re in physical pain, maybe get play some relaxing tunes.

2 – An effective stress reliever:

Listening to music when you’re having a hard time can reduce your stress. There are a couple of theories why. Some researchers suggest it lowers the body’s stress hormone – cortisol. Others suggest that our bodies match the tempo of the music. So, listening to relaxing music will calm our physical stress symptoms – heart rates, blood pressure, etc. 

3 – Memory:

As we said at the start, music has the ability to make us remember periods in our lives. A study in Hungary found that people who sang unfamiliar phrases, rather than spoke them, remembered the phrases better. The reason is unknown, but the effects of music on memory are even being tested on people with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So next time you need to remember something, trying singing it.

Get Musical:

Whatever you need it for, music can improve our daily lives. 555 Music was created as a way of bringing normal people together with new products, events and services – particularly in the entertainment industry. We love to get out and find new live events and trade shows to tell you about. To engage your musical brain and follow the latest in music events, follow 555 music.